Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What kind of events do we publish information about?
  • Are the hours in UTC?
  • How can I send an event?


The use of the web is really simple and intuitive. The home page displays all events sorted by start date. Events shown can be filtered by Category, Country or Tags.

Clicking on one of the events, a modal window appears where more information is displayed, and clicking on the name or image, the event page is displayed.

Map page

This page shows a map with the different geolocated events. The events shown can be filtered by Category.

For performance, this page is not displayed in the mobile version.


From this page you can locate the events in which you are interested simply by typing the search keywords.

This page is not displayed in the mobile version.

If you have any questions or need more help, please, write us through the contact form.

The information we publish is about talks, conferences and congresses related to technology.

We do not participate in the organization of such events, we simply collect the information provided by the organizers.

In no case we are responsible for the inaccuracy of the information or changes that may occur in the events by the organizers.

NO. The start and end time of all events are in local time.

You can check the local time of the main cities in this web:

If you would like to collaborate with us by sending the call for a technological event, please send us an email from the submit event form.

The event will be reviewed by administrators before posting to the calendar.